How to make the perfect Turkish coffee

How to make the perfect Turkish coffee

Although it looks and sounds very easy, not everyone can make good Turkish coffee. I remember as a kid watching my sister try making the perfect Turkish coffee over and over and not getting an “A-OK” from my mother. She would explain her negative feedback with comments such as “not the right texture”, “too much foam”, “too sweet” etc.

The secret in making great Turkish coffee is in the time it takes to make it. Turkish coffee must be cooked slowly into perfection. In the old Ottoman homes, one can still find this small cooking apparatus that looks like a mini barbeque; the coal coffee mangal. Yes, the older generation cooked coffee on coal ashes; it took time but it tasted better. But then again, don’t confuse this with leaving your coffee pot on ashes by itself; you’ve got to carefully watch the coffee to ensure it doesn’t stay in boiling point for more than a millisecond.

Coffeep pots on coal

Coffeep pots on coal

The coffee pot is also important. A good coffee pot must be made of copper to ensure consistency.

How to cook the perfect Turkish coffee:

  • You should only use right amount of water for right amount of coffee to be served. So if you are making coffee for 2 and are only intending to serve 1 cup for each person, you should put 2 cups (Turkish coffee cups) of water into your coffee pot.
  • Avoid using tap water where you can.
  • The put a small spoon of coffee for each cup, plus one extra small spoon for the pot.
  • The water used can be cold however warm water is recommended by many.
  • The water boiling must not exceed 89 degrees Celsius.Perfect Turkish coffee is made with copper cups covered with silver inside. The pot must have a narrow top and a narrow bottom.
  • You should stir a few times with a wooden spoon.
  • The coffee must wait in the pot for a few minutes after it’s done.
  • You can serve Turkish coffee with Turkish delight and a glass of water. The water is to be drank first to cleanse your mouth. The dessert is eaten after you finish the coffee.

    The foam has an important role in presentation; however it doesn’t really affect the taste.

    Afiyet olsun.

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